South Africa vs Japan: Which is Safer?

“Is South Africa safe?”

This is the first question that I usually get asked in Japan whenever I tell someone that I’m from that Southern African country. This is because of the bad rep that South Africa has gotten over the years of being completely crime ridden. Now, some expats may tell you that this is one hundred percent true – you cannot go anywhere in South Africa without being mugging or hijacked. Nowhere is safe. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. However, despite the fact that our crime statistics are indeed through the roof, this is not the case – you are still able to live and function in SA without armored vehicles (although that would be totally cool).

But does that answer the question ‘is South Africa safe’? And what about Japan? How does the safety in Japan compare to that of South Africa? Well, if you want to find out, watch the video below and find out who does safety better in the first episode of South Africa VS Japan.

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