5 Surprising Things About Japan

I’ve been living in Japan for about six months now and there have been a number of things that I’ve noticed during my time here. Some are pretty mundane and expected – while others are far more surprising.

Note: Although this list is from a South African’s point of view, these items could indeed be surprising for many different types of people from many different countries.

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4 thoughts on “5 Surprising Things About Japan

  1. akiko

    Hello. I’m akiko, who was taught by you at the lesson on last Saturday. I was surprised that you are even a youtuber!! You seem to enjoy your life in japan:) I hope we meet soon at lessons.


  2. The patient waiting at traffic lights, still bothers me after all these years. No cars, dead quite but people won’t cross until the lights tell them to. These days, I just cross anyway, unless there are kids around in which case I feel I’d better set an example!

    The ‘irrashaimasse’ thing really stood out for me when I first arrived (along with the ‘desu’ at the end of most sentences).

    When you’re in the shops over here, do you feel like a lot of assistants come over to ask if you need anything, or offer advice?

    Nice vid. Like the ‘5 series’ idea. Looking forward to the next one.


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