Survival of the English-iest: Japan vs South Africa

Ever wonder what it's like traveling to Japan or South Africa using only English? Well wonder no more! Check out this week's installment of South Africa VS Japan to find out the answer! Part I: Surviving in Japan One question I often get asked as an English-speaker in Japan is "Can you survive in Japan …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Onsen-ing

Once in the dressing room, you should strip down naked. That's right, you have to be starkers in an onsen - no bathing suits allowed! Now this may intimidate you, but remember, everyone there is naked and no one is looking nor judging you. And on the plus side, there's nothing better than hanging free!

Booth in Mongolia: Tsagaan Sar

Climbing the stairs to the family apartment of a friend's Mongolian colleague, I felt a tang of nervousness. The other foreigners I was with were chattering in whispers about how exactly to present the crisp 10 000 tugrik bill to the grandparents. I reckon that all of us were worried about screwing up the line …

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