Back in South Africa: Pearly Beach [Video]

During one of the weeks from my excessively long holiday, I visited a tiny little beach town on the Southern coast of South Africa. Two hours outside of Cape Town, this hidden gem contains everything one can need for a relaxing beach holiday. From the beautifully warm ocean, to the dazzling beach, even down to the local winkels (shops). So if you want to check out one of the laziest beach towns in SA, then look no further:

Pearly Beach, which is to the east of Cape Town (and thus closer to the warm Indian Ocean), is named so after its pearly white beaches that stretch along its coast. These beaches have become popular for visitors for three very important reasons:

The Warmer Ocean

Due to its location and ocean vegetation, Pearly Beach has slightly warmer seas compared to the ocean surrounding Cape Town. This means that residents and visitors alike can enjoy swimming in the warmish water and snorkeling in the local rock pools.

Pearly Beach (Edited) (82).JPG

Safer Swimming Conditions

Due to the kelp growing off the coast, the beaches of Pearly are protected from such dangerous creatures as the Great White Shark – an animal that swims in the oceans surrounding Cape Town. Therefore, children and adults alike can enjoy the warmer swimming conditions in complete safety (minus a few prickly sea urchins and the occasional seal). You can even go snorkeling in the local rock pools without too much fear.

And if you really want to see the Great White Sharks, then you can always pop over to the nearby Gansbaai to do some shark cage diving!


African Black Oystercatchers (and other wildlife)

Vehicles have been banned from the beaches of Pearly for a very good reason: to protect the local population of African Black Oystercatchers who build their sensitive nests on parts of the Pearly Beach coastline. These beautiful birds are very famous in South Africa and can be spotted all around Pearly Beach, along with other types of birds and wildlife. Therefore, this idyllic location is perfect for any bird- and animal-watcher.


Of course there are far more reason to visit this cozy little beach town, and I challenge any local or foreigner to spend at least a week unwinding in this wonderful place.

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