Okinawa: Things to Do on this Island Getaway

As a late spring vacation, I decided to catch a plane and head on down to Okinawa - a group of islands in the south part of Japan. The islands of Okinawa are famous for its subtropical climate - and is often referred to as 'the poor man's Hawaii'. But don't let that perturb you, …

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My First Japanese Taxi Ride

After having missed my last train (for the umpteenth time) after a night on the town, I decided to actually make use of an interesting service in Japan - the taxi service. Mind you, we do have taxis in South Africa, but Japanese taxi trips are an experience unto themselves. On the night in question, …

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Summer in Tokyo: Festivals and Humidity

I arrived in Japan during the summer rainy season (tsuyu梅雨) - a very wet and very humid month. And if you didn't arrive at your destination dripping with rain - you would definitely reach your destination drenched in sweat.

Springbok VS Blossoms: Being an Expat after an Historic ‘Rugby Football Game’

Today started like any other - I got up and went off to work, not thinking that something significant happened while I was asleep. Now for those of you that know me, you will of course know that I have no real interest in sport. Sure, I'll watch the occasional match of some sport or …

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Flower Fires: Toda-shi, Saitama

One hot and sticky night a few weeks ago, I was calmly making supper when a loud bang caught my attention. Forgetting for a moment that I was not back in South Africa (where gunshots can occasionally be heard), I didn't think anything of it until a second, even louder bang rang throughout the air …

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Missing the Last Train in Japan

After work on my second Sunday evening in Japan (yes, I work on Sundays), I got invited by my coworkers to go drinking. Now apparently in Japan it is a pretty common thing to go out drinking with coworkers in order to socialize and create a stronger team of workers. So, not wanting to be …

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