Okinawa: Things to Do on this Island Getaway

As a late spring vacation, I decided to catch a plane and head on down to Okinawa - a group of islands in the south part of Japan. The islands of Okinawa are famous for its subtropical climate - and is often referred to as 'the poor man's Hawaii'. But don't let that perturb you, …

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Navigating Koburi Pass 顔振峠

With the warmth of spring heating up, I decided to take another hike before the humid rainy season struck Japan. But instead of taking another famous hiking trail, I chose a more rural and uncommon spot: Koburi Pass. Koburi Pass is a relatively easy hike that takes you to many different peaks in Saitama Prefecture - …

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Exploring Eastern Kyoto

Kyoto is often considered the historical centre of Japan - with plenty of shrines, temples, and other traditional places. In fact, Kyoto was previously the capital of Japan before moving to Tokyo at the end of the Edo period (1868). But even in the present day, Kyoto has maintained its historical beauty and has become …

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A 3 Day Weekend in Kyoto [Video]

Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto (京都), is famous for its Buddhist and Zen Temples, Shinto Shrines and other cultural centres. After Japan moved its capital to Tokyo in 1868, Kyoto remained the country's 'intellectual center' with traditions and cultural practices being kept alive in the city. In recent years, Kyoto has become the most popular tourist …

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Yoshimi Hundred Caves

Saitama, often thought to be a very boring prefecture, actually contains an incredible out-of-the-way, well-worth-visiting historical site: The Yoshimi Hundred Caves (吉見百穴 Yoshimi Hyakuana). Excavated in the 1880s, the tombs were originally thought to be the dwellings of pre-Japanese little people - maybe the Koro-pok-guru of Japanese folklore. But after this claim was refuted, it was …

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Trekking Mt Takao

On a beautiful May Monday, a friend and I decided to take a hike up one of the many mountains that Japan has to offer. But because neither of us is fit enough to attempt the 3776 meters that is the famous Mt Fuji, we decided to visit the lesser known (but no less beautiful) …

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Spring in Tokyo: Beautiful… but Weird

When you imagine spring-time, you imagine flowers blooming all over the place, a sense of happiness as you come out of winter hibernation, and (most importantly) a stable type of weather that gets consistently warmer. And while Tokyo has the first two down to pat, the weather is definitely anything but consistent. After an especially …

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Cherry Blossom Season in Tokyo

I arrived in Japan in late June - just in time for the country's infamous rainy season where the ocean invades the land. So of course I had to wait a whole nine months before I would get to experience the most iconic event in Japan - the blooming of thousands of cherry blossoms (or sakura). So …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Onsen-ing

Once in the dressing room, you should strip down naked. That's right, you have to be starkers in an onsen - no bathing suits allowed! Now this may intimidate you, but remember, everyone there is naked and no one is looking nor judging you. And on the plus side, there's nothing better than hanging free!

Summer in Tokyo: Festivals and Humidity

I arrived in Japan during the summer rainy season (tsuyu梅雨) - a very wet and very humid month. And if you didn't arrive at your destination dripping with rain - you would definitely reach your destination drenched in sweat.