Cycling At The Imperial Palace

Have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon in Tokyo? Want to take a special someone on a date in the heart of the city? Want to spend a relaxing Sunday with your family? Well, look no further than the Imperial Palace! Every Sunday, a 3 km stretch of road around the famous palace in Tokyo is …

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Cat Cafe Review [Video]

Cat Cafes are great places to chill out with some cats and enjoy delicious snacks. After being in Japan for over a year, I decided to finally visit one of these infamous cafes. Fun Fact: The Japanese word for cat is Neko (猫) and meow is translated as Nya (ニャー). [Hence Nyan Cat]

The Wonderful World of Ghibli

From the outside it looks like a quiet country cottage with vines creeping all over the house and giving a sense of humble dignity. Before entering the museum, you already feel a sense of anticipation and curiosity - like it's the start of an adventure. And when you finally step inside, you're not disappointed. This is …

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